Fifty Shades of Something

Between working on writing stories, and trying to manage my life (job hunting), I’ve noticed a commercial advertising for viewers to look out for a commercial for the trailer of 50 Shades of Gray. So a commercial for a commercial just struck me as funny. Full disclosure: I haven’t read the books, and had no plan to. It didn’t interest me as a reader, which is odd since a kinky tale should be a fun read. From people I know who read this tale, they say generally the same thing. It’s a poorly write book, and is far more annoying than it is sexy. In many ways, the story comes off as anti-sexy.

That does not diminish the popular appeal of the book, or Its phenomenal sales. It’s being adapted into a film that comes out next year bet we get a trailer now (note: I’ll correct the date info if I hear otherwise). Here’s why this is on my mind: I can’t escape this thing. I turn on the tv, GMA is covering it. Go to my FB page, and there it is in the feed. The only place it wasn’t, was my dreams, which tempts me to go back to sleep. Now it’s on my blog, but in a good way.

For the fans of the book, I hope you get a good adaption. I am partially curious that a sexually explicit book could get an adaption to the big screen. Isn’t the kinky sex the lure/appeal of the text? Somehow I don’t think it’s an explicit film. How far do the characters push the boundaries of their ratings? Perhaps its selling a fantasy, and that shines through.


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