The Writing Stuff

One of the things that pestered me earlier this month, in regards to writing one of the scripts I’ve been working on, is that I omitted a scene because I thought it didn’t fit. After some feedback, which pointed out that if felt like every character was in the middle of events, I wondered if the scene omitted would have at least given some weight and context to what transpired.

So, finding the omitted scene was tricky, as I didn’t label the file, but instead left it in the Notes app. Found it, got it transferred and labeled in Word. Began to make revisions so it fit the story. What was five pages is now ten, and still being worked upon.

In retrospect, perhaps if I had left the scene in, I’d have that more connected story. On the other hand, I kept writing, and cam up with more ideas by removing it. Now it’s back to stay. Will keep working from there. The positive thing is I’m still working on this script. I’ve got a long way to go, but progress is great. I’d like to get to episode two soon.

Happy creative endeavors.


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