Today Will Be Better than Yesterday

In an effort to be a better writer, person, friend, and artist, today must be better than yesterday. Not that yesterday was full of woes or hate. it’s that now that I’m thinking of life, I want to do more in regards to being productive and happier. Life must progress forward, with or without adversity. All negative thoughts must be banished, and those who would seek to bring us down or constrain us must be cast aside, least they tear us down, and stand on our broken bones.

Yesterday was a day to write poetry. It was a moment, I wrote a lot of it down.  Sometime today I’d love to put it all in a Ward file, and revises it. This is the second poem I worked on that had some length and a richness that can only be explained as I delved deeper into the topic, and was willing to cut out passages for clarity.  It resonated with me, and had a strength that I didn’t show in the past with expression. So here’s to progress, and expression done well.

Yesterday, I had a nagging feeling about a short-short urban fantasy/horror story I wrote. Wrote it months ago, and  let it be for a good while. Reread it today, and made several revisions to the text. I am curious about the story, because it feels real flash fiction and very much a dark comedy vignette. part of me says, let it cool off a little more, and see if revisions can be done.  It will need a grammar edit for sure. I found myself correcting tenses today, and correcting a few passages. The rest of it shall remain intact. It still lacks a title, and I feel a name will help cement what’s missing for me.

That reminds me, I have pieces of short stories in my Notes app, that can use at least a paragraph (five sentences) of additional material. The genres didn’t overly flux, but two of them were a bit steamy/erotic. One was comical and erotic. Then the remaining were dark comedies. Dunno if I can change gears, and hit them all up with some fresh sentences, but it’s worth a shot.

The screenplays and scripts need more work for sure. Wrote out an action scene, and I don’t know if I like it or not. What I’d like to do for them, is look at some action scenes from different shows, and note how long they are. That way I can see if it’s too long, and how to trim it down. or I can simply make sure to tell what I need to tell, and not dwell in the moments.  It’s not like I haven’t seen movies and TV shows before, and have no clue. So a mix of research and instinct will do.

As always, happy creative endeavors, and may your day be greater than yesterday.

P.S. hadn’t worked on the novel in a long while, and haven’t forgotten it.  I must find a way to manage it as well.


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