For Today: An Artists’ Statement

NOTE: Toying around with statements, theories and philosophies on creation and art.

From observation and experience, there is an obsession with appearing and projecting perfection and/or goodness towards others, when the true goal is to suppress and hide one’s true nature from others. We can and often do reject and deny the realness that is ourselves. The motives are personal, and ultimately unimportant, as no one can peer into someone else’s soul to find the exact reason and truths. It is sufficient to say realness is rejected and deemed unworthy of being seen in public.

From this observation and experience, I believe that a little artifice and banality can empower projects. The fact that there are aspects of the material that is both flawed, incorrect, or plain silly touches into a place of humor and realness. In a way, this knocks me, and the material off the lofty pedestal I imagined the material to transform itself into. This is a chance to not seek perfection, and a chance to explore something essential hidden within me that lies dormant within creativity.

This is to say that there is some fakery in the mix. That there is something that feels artificial in the material. Perhaps a bit of grit in the  ointment. Something that makes one pause and think about what they’ve seen. Is there a flaw in the product. Does it arrest us on some level. Do we feel underwhelmed in some way, and therefore let down? Perhaps the material is nowhere as clever as I, or a potential vier sees it as. Perhaps the material is too earnest (tries to hard to be something else, but is limited). In that scope of limitation I find that there is inescapable truth, and it doesn’t hide. It simply  exists. Do we, the audience reject it for it’s weakness, or embrace if for being honest? Is honesty weakness, vulnerability, or a force that has the power to deny us perfection?

In that respect, exploration of the artifice, banality, truth and perfections sounds like a mix of contradictions. Contradictions and double standards, and entitlements empower us. They are the shade we hide behind when we hate the truth. It is all subject to exploration with no excuses or apologies offered. No excuse or apology is needed just the same, as the material can easily be discarded or rejected from one’s sight. Better that the material is made, than for it to remain a whipper in the recesses of our mind, hidden away.


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