Sunday Creative Slump

Wow. Today has been low with creative thoughts. That has to go. There’s an idea for script three that I need to up on paper. It’s a MUST. Decided to put a blog post in first, then off to some chores and writings.

Yesterday I did write out some dialog and scenes, but it’s still I that first draft, unformatted, and in need of being added to their respective scripts. So I have things to do. The focus is not there at the moment. Perhaps if I stop watching Bar Rescue and handle a chore or two, the writing will arrive. Yes, I’m writing this post while still watching Bar Rescue, which means I can get stuff done.

I will say this, watching the affirms ruined show reminds me of management, and how people attempt to mask miscommunication and incompetences while claiming successfully managing a business. In reality, as the show proves, that some those people needed the wake up call the show provided. On the other hand, seeing the wool pulled away from people’s eyes reminds me of a lot of people I know who couldn’t manage their way out of a paper bag. Didn’t expect the show to reveal that much to me. My mind is open to it.

Happy creative endeavors.


2 thoughts on “Sunday Creative Slump

  1. Keep staying motivated and look at the world around you. There are so many inspiring things that get those creative juices flowing

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