It’s been a chaotic week with mixed results, and that hasn’t been a bad thing. Became a bit of a writing dynamo for the past couple of days. The script of focused switched from one, to another. I had inspiration for a scene, wrote it out, then be an to write some more on it. I went from a simple three page raw idea to working on ten pages of script and growing.

While writing those scenes out, I had an idea for a completely separate potential screenplay/script/scene. That needs to be capitalized upon. One step at a time though. If I don’t pace myself, nothing will get done.

For the record I will be writing more script soon. The first script, I’ll call that one “script A,” still needs completion. A few days away helped my mind out some. There’s a particular scene in my mind’s eye I’d like to try out. This means getting my notepad out, and jotting quick reminders about that scene before I forget it. Script B is the one getting the love at the moment. Potential script C, needs at leas a page of describing what I see in my mind to start it off.

Somehow my writing has to get managed, so it all has a chance to grow. If I have to make a schedule, I will do so. I need to get things done in a timely fashion. I’ve said this before, it feels so good to keep my mind busy, and me writing.

As always, happy creative endeavors.


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