Wednesdays with more Laughter

Good being a relative term. I failed to post yesterday’s blog post, and may do so later. First, I didn’t get a job I applied for. It’s not the end of the world, and as friends pointed out, and I believe, move onto other things. No need to dwell on what’s lost, when there are other opportunities to work towards. Think and stay positive is the route for me.

Been writing more., and cleaned up some errors in the script. I’m at page thirty-nine, and getting few more pages this week will do me good. I’m sure something will turn out. My goal is to write a new scene. Something connected to the story already. That’s at least four to five pages of goodness today. I have a keen idea of what I want to write next, and will work on that soon.

Late last night, I had a rough idea that I didn’t think would fit the current script. I wrote out some lines of dialogue, then I had four formatted pages of something different. I wonder if,neither a few adjustments, I could add this character to the current script. Not sure yet. Just happy to put the idea down. I gave it a contemporary setting, but I can change that.

Late last night, thought about making a more comical version of the script. It’s just an option. I’ve been chatting with a friend about humor in scripts, so the idea of embracing some laugh out loud aspects of writing. After all, there are plenty of fantasy stories. What makes mine interesting? Is it the nekkid people, the bastardly actions, or the exaggerated situations.


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