Awake and Needing This Post

I need this post. It is the prelude to writing today. If all I do is five sentences, then that’s going to be the start. I will be writing more than five sentences, but I remind myself of this every time I need to write, and nothing seems to come to mind. Gotta get the words down and work with what I have. That reminds me to renew my twenty minute writing sessions.

I managed to get six rough pages of a short story. I had this burning idea for a part love story, part magic realism. I promised I’d stop the moment I introduced the magic within the story.  I say rough because it was done in my Notes App, and I used the speech to text function. The story was emailed to myself, then copy and pasted in Word.  It’s all single spaced, so I need to get it formatted. I don’t mind letting it cool off, since the primary project is the screenplay.

Speaking of the screenplay, I need to get on that today. If it’s just a page, then that’s good. I want to see progress. In spite for tapering off a little, stuff needs to get done.  Also a cup of coffee. This would go better if I have a cup of coffee first. I seem to be distracted.



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