The Ups and Downs

This week has mixed results of positives and negatives. Hoping for more positives, and staying focused. Yesterday’s post is delayed. May post it later. Spent some time outside in the heat, and that was not pretty. Came home to needing much, much rest. It wore me out. Was not in a frame of mind to be creative after that.

Came home to find a couple couple of emails that let me know a couple of jobs were going to go with other candidates. That was cheery and sunny to read. Decided to keep on with my job hunts. Life doesn’t end with rejection letters. It smarts, and it did feel like a one two punch for that moment. I did complete another application that night, so at least that’s a positive. Today looked up more jobs, will find something to apply for soon, I hope.

I can say I didn’t feel like writing much after the rejection and exhaustion. My disposition, however, could not stop me from putting effort into writing. I had a scene I was working on for the screenplay. I wrote it out the night before. I was in bed, half asleep, but determined to get my thoughts out. What I did yesterday was smooth out and and revise the scene. i didn’t complete the revision, but I’m happy I put effort towards writing. It would have been so easy to blow off revisions, but the one thing that brings me joy needs attention.

That’s today, so far, and I hope to write more, and more. This is a TV script, so I wish to do at least twenty more pages. I know I can, and will reach that goal, if I stay focused. A little pinched, but eye on the prizes. The goal is to see three solid episodes. I can do it.  If I have to lock myself in my room and ignore everyone else, that’s what I’m a have to do.

Happy creative endeavors.


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