The Action Plan

Went to bed extra late last night, with some plans on my head, and those plans gotta be acted upon.  First the simple goal of getting four glasses of water during the day is order. Sounds simple, but I’d like something other than a sugar-based drink filling my system. The major goal will be formatting the progress I made with the latest screenplay. So far I have twenty unformatted pages. I wrote the material in Word, which is fine for a start, but I need to get that industry standard form done. Hello Screenwriter software. It’s been a while, and it’s time.

Spent last night cleaning up several pieces of dialogue that were either too long, or didn’t make sense. Didn’t expect cutting to be so welcome. Somewhere down the line, the attachment for all the lines left me.

One thing that happened that’s different about this writing adventure was the lack of outlining. I did put down a lot of notes in regards to who I thought the characters were, and thoughts on locations. Normally I use outlines for screenplays, and I even tried to do a small outline after I wrote out ten pages. It didn’t work. It was getting in the way of me writing things down. what was needed, from me, is to keep writing. If it means rewriting pieces, so be it.  The story began, when I imagined a speech one character gave/ That couldn’t have been outlined, because it was inspired.

Well, once this post is done, I’m going to open a file and begin formatting, so I’ll know how many pages I actually have. It’s been exciting, as I want to know what happens next in the story, and with twenty pages in play, formatting is a must. One a cool note, it was good to have a weekend where I didm;t have to write about that blah or meh feeling that usually saps me of joy.

Happy creative endeavors.


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