The Nap that Snook By

Yesterday was all about relaxing,filling out applications, and writing. Still have momentum from the script that stated from a monologue. The goal is to keep building. Yesterday was about putting some action into the story. It has some rough scenes now, and I’m happy for that. After completing what I set out for, I needed to wrap myself in a blanket, and watch a movie. It was Star Trek, and my eyes closed. It’s was nice sleep too.

Normally I stay up and about the whole day. Maybe I didn’t get enough sleep night before. I certainly didn’t feel tired, yet there I was, all snug and comfortable. Well the rest of the awakened day was spent watching movies and trying to feed my brain something entertaining. A lot of it co sited of science fiction and fantasy.

Today if for more writing, and putting in applications for projects, and if it’s gonna happen, another fine nap. So long as productivity shines through, then things work out, right?

Happy creative endeavors.


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