The Switch Up

Normally there is a blog post, then a delving into writing of some sort. Today it’s madly different. Today started with me, elaborating on ideas I was developing yesterday. Some of the characters for this fantasy story don’t fit as well as they should just yet, but that’s the point of writing.

To back up a little I thought out scenes and ideas late last night, and began writing out what I thought was the plot before bedtime. It marinated on my brain, as I woke up with me thinking of a way to make the plot flow better. Fast forward to me imagining a character speaking to another one. I wrote out the dialogue for this scene.

Next I took the dialogue, which was kind of like a monologue, then addressed the character’s actions, and the person he spoke to. I like what I have so far, and shapes the story. I went into another scene, which extends from the first. There’s another scene to address, however, I needed to take a quick break from writing this script.

I’m happy that I got to page nine. Keep in mind this is currently written in Word. This script hasn’t been properly formatted, so the page length will change. I see this story as episodic, so I’d love to get three episodes written. Each script should be an hour long. There is a lot to do, but I love that a rough set of ideas can bring a narrative forward.

I am also happy I had inspiration, and the sense to write the scene out, when I heard it in my head.

As always, happy creative endeavors.


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