Let Me Catch My Breath

It’s been a discombobulating week of not getting thoughts together unless it’s late, late night. There’s typically no worries with that, but for me, the day starts with a blog post, and simply spreads to writing throughout the day. It doesn’t mean I haven’t been writing, but when a day starts rough, then spells into an afternoon, it bothers me a lot. A friend (hello Lester) says writing’s about quality, not quantity. He’s right, but I like writing and creating throughout the day. Not everything will be fit to print, but the act of working through things brings me joy.

I have six pages of screenplay for this potential story of a headless vampire. Didn’t work on it last night, even though I wish I did. My mind failed to gestate material for the product. I know where I want to go, and I’d like to finish ten pages and close out the scene. That can be worked on today. Once the scene is done, then I feel I can evaluate what I wrote.

Yesterday I did have a vision for a fantasy based story, wrote out who I thought the characters were, put down some ideas for a plot, and found myself revising and merging a couple of characters. A third pass at a couple of the characters will help me. Since this fantasy takes place in an alternate world, I need to get some names down that I like, and naming regions and people properly. It’s a fast, but I have a spark.

I have yet to look over my notes where I took several stories, and thought about the direction I wanted to take the ideas. I’d like to add more notes to those, then review them. That in part reminds me to get off my duff, and grab my recorder/text to speech and speak on the projects. I’m eager to get those done. I want to see some concrete projects at the end of the day, and goals met. I need to make things happen. More thought behind the project.

As always, happy creative endeavors.



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