Hot, Hot, Hot!

It’s more than warm today, and it makes the day a little bit uncomfortable. Noticed I hadn’t done any writing today. That has to change immediately, hence this blog post. The ball is going to roll whether I’m uncomfortable or not.

If you post ago, I made a joke about a headless vampire. Curiosity got the best of me last night, and I decided I should at least write five pages of script to see how it looks. It was late, and I got three pages, but I want to work and get those five done. If I can do five pages, then I can do ten. I have to push myself and my ideas a lot further make them more tangible. I want to see the printed word on the page.

I’m doing a little bit of chores today, and I want to keep up a job search. Somewhere in there I’m going to find more time to write. I am going to get myself up to par.

As always, happy creative endeavors.


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