Justify the Story and Reason

Yesterday I posted how I should be able to promote myself better as a writer, and be able to defend/justify any story I write, be it fiction or non-fiction. This line of thought inspired me to look at a few of my stories/concepts/projects, and describe them, and defend/justify why I was capable of turning out a good story. While was working on this endeavor on my Notes app, I got distracted, and as a result, my big fingers pressed the wrong set of functions. Needless to say, what was written disappeared, and I couldn’t get it back.

The good news is I restarted the project. In order to maximize the experience, I asked myself a lot of questions. How much thought was put behind the creation? What influenced the stories? How were the concepts shaping? Why is it important to me to write this? Those questions reinforced the concept of theme, which sometimes eludes me as I work on projects.

There are a few more concepts on the list that I’d like to address, so I’ll be hopping on that soon. Once the list is completed, I’d like to step back, read what I have, and touch up on a stronger theme, some research, and see if I can focus the stories into stronger narratives. it will be a challenge, but the idea of having meatier projects to delve into apples to me, and my desire to write more.

As always, happy creative endeavors.




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