The Chaste and Sweet Moments

Sometimes it’s easy to start off writing timid and sweet, but oftentimes, like it does today, it’s gotten in the way. After trying to get things done in a non-fiction employment kind of way, I realized I should have tried to sell myself a lot more. it’s kinda filthy, like pumping oneself out, and bragging in a way that’s grinds on indulgence.  Alas, if I want to be hired for a project, I have to be good for the project. I need to be able to not only say why I’m good, but why you should give the direction I’m pushing a chance.

Odds are, if I don’t back up my claims, then the client can see right though that, and is likely going to conclude I may have good ideas, and no possible follow through skills. So here’s what I’m proposing: I need to pimp mah skills out, and believe in the product. So the next time I’m asked about a project, I’m a be like, “Yes, a headless vampire sounds crazy, but he still lives, requires, blood, and found a way to sustain himself until he finds his long, lost, sexy head. At this point he’s the anti-vampire, and that he’s anti-charming. No one falls in love with him. He doesn’t want your love. He wants his head, then he wants to kill everyone for depriving him of his head.”

And why am I qualified to write this: Besides thinking this up on the spot, and loving vampires, lore, and various authors/movies, this is my reaction to all the cool, cute and sexy vampires who seem to be love friendly when they are monsters. The surreal touch of being headless, yet alive helps disassociate the love from the killer, and serves to remind all that vampires are monsters, and dangerous. It’s also dark humor, absurd, and surreal, which are elements  of my fiction. Also I need a damn story where the mister is unlovable, and must be destroyed.

That’s me not being chaste today. I made that proposal on the spot, but it embodies what I want to do with my writings. If I gotta sell myself, I’m gonna sell myself.

Happy creative endeavors.



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