Bite-Sized Goals

Trying to take things easy today. Bye easy I mean not overwhelming myself with a dozen goals. If I take my time I think I can manage what I need to get managed. This is important because I’m reading some instructions and I need them to be correct. That, and I’d like to see this day be smooth.

Writing went reasonably well yesterday. Worked on a screenplay. It was five pages worth of material and I’d like to push that further sometime today. Found myself this morning writing out a scene for the novel. It’s been a while since I’ve written anything so that’s positive.

I need to review some material I wrote for one of my short stories a few days ago. This one’s been difficult to write. I abandoned it a good while ago, and was inspired to add to it. This is not even mentioning the second e-story I was supposed to be working on. Is this bite sized at all?

At least I got the blog post I wanted for today. Not for something to eat. Toast anyone?

Happy creative endeavors.


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