It’s Tuesday

I’m glad it’s not Monday, let’s start with that. In spite of any creative endeavors, Monday felt exhausting. I’d like to do more today. As always I want to start off with a blog post.

Listening to the news. People are discussing carrying firearms in restaurants. There was a law, recently signed, in South Carolina where patrons can carry firearms into bars. For me that’s a recipe for disaster. Some people can’t even handle booze and driving. I really don’t want to see a world where people who can’t handle the liquor and have their hands on a firearm.

This is not to say a lot of people can’t handle their liquor. Plenty of people have a drink or two and are still sober. However, there’ll always people who drink too damn much. They don’t care that they’re driving while intoxicated. It’s only partially real after they have terrible accidents. Imagine firearms in the mix? At the very least this is fuel for a story.

It’s time for some toast and coffee. As always, happy creative endeavors.


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