Not feeling too creative this morning. That doesn’t mean I won’t create a little bit later. At the very least I’ve done two things that I like so far. I tried to revise some plot ideas for story. When I’m writing this blog post. You have to start somewhere and this is where I start. Sometimes I think I just push myself too hard. It’s not like I wasn’t creative at all. I just want more. I have a screenplay that I’d at least like to put the characters down on paper.

No movies this morning or television shows to report. Coffee was okay, but it gave me no pep. I have half a mind attorney television off. I believe once it goes off, I will be asked why is it off. It’s a theory. Honestly feel like going back in my room and relaxing and not dealing with people today. Call it my cranky doesn’t want social interaction today mood. I’m sure that’ll change too. I need some video game therapy. It’ll help get me out of the funk I’m feeling by playing a game that’s probably going to beat the crap out of me.



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