Not Simply Another Saturday

Was trying to write this morning. It wasn’t working the way I planned. Gave up briefly, but now I want to write at least five sentences. Sometimes it’s good to force myself to write. Other times, I see a disaster on the horizon.

Today is a, “you’re going to try and put something on the page” day. Why? I feel I need to get the ball rolling with my creativity.

So between looking for some freelance writing gigs today and getting myself together, I know I will succeed. I like that optimism can pay off for me and for others as well. Pushing past limitations is always a good thing. I will say this, at least I don’t have that wretched “blah” or “meh” feeling that comes around from time to time. That is a blessing any day.

What do you know I’ve written more than five sentences at this point. I want to say this speech to text feature that I have available. It’s allowed me to get out ideas without pausing too much. Now to get onto writing other things.

As always, happy creative endeavors.


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