Hello all, it’s Thursday, and it looks hot outside already. A typical spring day in Charleston, South Carolina. I’m sure there’s pollen out there ready to pounce on my poor sinuses. I need to check the weather because I would know how hot it will get. The weather’s not a deterrent from writing for me. I see myself doing equal or greater than what I did yesterday.

Yesterday, I wrote out what I thought where the desires of the main characters, and plot for first act for a few ideas. My goal was to get the ideas out of my head, and put them into print. This is me looking at the novel, screenplays, comics, and television scripts I had notes on, and further ideas in my head. Now that I have something I can look it it’s tangible, I feel committed to something. Motive and desire says a lot about a story’s direction so having that to me is great inspiration to write further. I have to know what happens.¬†Eventually I shall review and make adjustments with the material. These are the days I miss having a printer. I like having it printed out so I can mark directly on paper.

As I work on developing stories and characters motivations item cover my own motivations. I have a desire to do more to be more productive to be happier in life. I also made a choose to press forward, and not keep things in my imagination. Imagination is a fun place to explore, and I am glad I pushed them into my fiction. This means finding better stronger ways of writing. It also means writing more and finding techniques to get myself writing more. I am pleased with the progress it has started slow but it will get better. I may even give my own modem to the character is an experienced all things are experiences they can be inspiration to give our characters life.

After my morning coffee I’m going to work on the motives and plot for at least a couple more stories as I want to add to the pot. I already have a few notes down for one of my screenplay. I am very grateful that God has given me the inspiration to write again on the stronger basis. I got to keep pushing forward.

As always, happy creative endeavors.


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