Positive Energy and Thinking

Had a post nearly completed for today, however it was rather weighty, and a bit negative. I’ll settle for short, sweet, and positive. It must always be about being good to myself, and others. Opening the door for greatness, and not giving into despair, which is very easy to do. It’s also about love. Art has a lot of love in there for me. No matter the topic, or outcome. I love art, and it’s still within my power to get done. I say to anyone who has the opportunity to create and share, do so.

Not that everyone’s going to be open, positive or receptive to your art, but some things are not for everyone. Some things need to be expressed. It’s cool if people say, “this is not my thing.” Cool. I get that many move on. If they can’t move on, that’s their issue they need to resolve on their own time.

As always happy creative endeavors, and I wish all who aspire to greatness to achieve their goals.


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