Pastel Drawing, Mask

The mask in the beginning.


So here I was drawing a mask, and experimenting with the material, and I came up with various stages. I kinda want to leave things at the drawing stage, as I think it has a rawness to the material, but I felt a stronger need to push the image further. After this drawing, I will make another mask image. Not one hundred percent sure how the new one will look. I used archival paper, and pastels to draw. It felt good to draw something.

Drawing started off with the goal for the potential cover to an e-story I wrote. I put off drawing the mask for a few days, but today provided me the perfect moment to draw, and I took the time. I want to say it was rough to get back into the swing of drawing, but that would be a lie. Took baby steps, and I was back in the mix. Part of my contemplations was me trying to figure out what goes on the cover. I thought a mask was a great idea to express elements of the story. I started off as a simple drawing. I felt it was going places. I wanted to express a few things. Some theatrics, duality, and destructive behaviors that inhabit the person who wears this mask.

I’m beginning to think, some of my rough drawings have an impact that can stand on it’s own merit.  With some clean up, I could use this as a cover.

Mask, Drawings, pastel, Book Cover

The mask in round two.


I didn’t stop at this part. I wanted more color and work, so I added some, with some crass hatching.  The max started to fill. I liked the two different eyes, and I realized at this point that I sometimes get geometrical. I wished, at this point, the left eye was more oval, and less sharp. Even thought it’s a mask. With the moth, I wish it was more round as well. I liked the pink and white on the choppers. I wish I left at least one of the eyes with the blue of the paper .


Pastel, Drawing, Mask, Cover

The mask, round three.


With round three, I added more colors, to cross the cross-hatching. It was fun at this point. I wanted more color, and more contrast. I also got a chance to smooth down the right eye, and the lips. For some reason, I wanted it red. It made me think, after I used the color, that the mouth was bloody. So Ut developed some ickiness. I placed red under the eye.

At that point, I had to let the drawing be. My mom say it, and hated the teeth. They were too sharp. She did ask me, “what is it.” I explained it was a mask. She didn’t have any problem with that.

Mask, Drawing, pastels, Book Cover

Round four of the mask.


After letting the drawing breathe for a while, I decided it needed hair.  Part of me knew that hair might humanize it more.  This was also a risk. I was gonna make they hair angular and more afro-esque, but it’s more cropped. After I did this, I had to leave it alone for a while. I simply didn’t know how I felt about the image at this point. It stared at me, as I stared at the TV, trying to forget it for a short time. It looks a lot rough, and I like that abrasive quality. Still it didn’t work for me.

Mask, Drawing, Pastel. Book Cover

Mask, round five.


Finally, it dawned on me to smooth out the  the hatching. This transformed the image even further. The colors blended in some area, and kinda developed an even more unsettling aspects to the mask and hair. It almost doesn’t need the hair, but it informs me that someone behind the mast, which is an element in the story. Those elements of red showing on the mask connotes some danger.

Now I have this creepy ass image, that I love, and at the same time, it makes me wonder, as a viewer, what is the deal with this mask. I want to make more mask type images, so this may be the start of something good.  It was good to draw and put a concept together. I think it would make one hell of a cover. If anything, I need to find my erasers, and clean up some markings.

As always, happy creative endeavors.


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