Thursday Goodness

Today is the start of a new day, and it’s filled with potential, and it was also filled with errands.  Had to do some work for others, which isn’t bad at all. It reminded me that I’m good with administrate work. I’m looking for more jobs in that field. Did some writing last night. Jotted down several ideas, and pieces  of the novel last night I’d like to capitalize on. Very distracted by SUV right now, and I new better. When I had the TV on CNN, I could write all damn day cause I ignored a lot of it. I can do the same with CBS soap operas. I have to admit I’m so distracted right now, I forgot what I wanted to blog about. I’m rather annoyed with myself, but now that I’m writing this blog post, at least I got something down. No more SVU if I want to write. I just gotta finish this episode.


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