A bit on a weird side of the morning. Had kale and spinach salad for breakfast. I added tomatoes, cucumbers, and walnuts. It was pretty good. Sipping on coffee and tried a few job searches with 99% being fruitless searches.

Wrote an essay I hated yesterday. Tried to revise it for posting, and it didn’t work. I’m rather disappointed with the results. Clearly if I leave it alone long enough, it may come to me.

Did work on a few short stories. The protagonists I created are detestable, because they are horrible people. Sometimes I think I’m going through a rough cynical phase of expression. Then again, every day we see or hear of people who are detestable. Some of these people we meet, know, related to, or see in the media. This is not to say I’ve created a reality show type of protagonist. It’s that the characters are, for lack of better terms, asshairs. I’m also dealing with some absurdist elements, which in the bushes dark humor and satire. It’s just an it’s resting concoction of creations.

Happy creative endeavors.

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