Write Without Overthinking (A Warm-Up)

There needs to be advancement in my writing, as there hasn’t been much this week. That’s not to say there was no writing getting done, but it was a bit pained,nuanced, and not going anywhere. The start of this week, saw some ideas flow for the novel, and me having a short story pop out of nowhere, and I liked hat I wrote on pieces of it. Part of me is overthinking things, and like this post, I insist on writing and this post will help me warm up my writing muscles.

Today is a big blue sky of blah. The rain visited yesterday. Outside was good and soaked. The barnyard overflowed with water. It wasn’t pretty in the least. There was no need to go outside. At one point it was rain, wind, thunder, and lightning. Power blinked in the home, and thankfully didn’t go out. Earlier today the sky was slightly sunny, but now it’s got that pale-hide the sun thing going on. Perhaps it will rain late in the day. I don’t really care at this point. What needs to be focused on is me sitting with this laptop and write.

Very distracted at the moment by the television, and if I turn it off, I will be asked, “why is the TV off” at some point. Perhaps its time for some headphones. Music can help me. Now I feel like I’m rambling, so this post floes with me hoping I put my headphones in the right place, or I’ll be doing a frantic search knowing all along I should have put them away.

I needed this post. It pushed me towards multiple paragraphs.

Happy creative endeavors.


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