The Weekend

I did do some writing this weekend, and I need to do much, much more. I’ve been a little worried about the direction of the novel, and had ideas for other stories. I feel like I’m being pulled in multiple directions. At some point I felt like a hot damn mess.

What I’ve been contemplating is the format of my storytelling. I did the novel in part because it gave me the freedom to write and I loved it. What I was worried about was that if the story wasn’t good enough for a screenplay, which seems stupid, but that’s how I felt.

Part of the epiphany I had before the weekend was to take a few more risks in regards to my humor and creativity. By that I mean take the chance to do the material proper (first draft), then evaluate it’s worth. For me it means looking at screenplays and writing more. I understand screenplays, wrote a few of them, and know how to address aspects of them. Perhaps I should be writing more screenplays.

What is love to to is write a list of ten concepts that I’ve been working,and this novel. Out of those projects, I’m gonna pick five of them to make into screenplays, and see if I can get the first acts completed soon. I feel like a mess, BUT if Work in what I do know, I can put a lot of things together.

Happy creative endeavors.


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