Day Seven

It took me a while before I could get my mandatory three pages completed yesterday. My mind was not on a creative tip like I wanted it to be, and there was this waiting period where I did everything but write.  The moment things quieted down, I rewrote the passage I didn’t like from earlier that needed revisions. The creative flood gates opened, and I produced little more than the minimum pages needed to meet the daily mark.

Before that creative burst, my fear of not completing today’s pages led me to think that perhaps there should be a break in writing this novel. I do like the idea of a “divorce” from some projects, as time away from a project can allow the gift of seeing the project anew. That wasn’t what I needed at that point. I needed to quiet my busy mind, which was filled with other thoughts, and things to get done.

Eventually I will have to sit down and examine what my main character wants/needs, and what’s going on, and if the concept/premise still holds true, however i still feel a need to write without overthinking it all. If arise in the story, then let it.

One a plus note, I’m on top of the three pages worth of writing for Sunday. That’s tomorrows post.

As always, happy creative endeavors.


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