Day Six

Did the required three pages yesterday, and before bed had ideas for other stories, so those got jotted down too. Keeping the focus on the novel. At the three pages a day rate, Sunday means will have twenty-one pages. It is a slow start, and a safe bet, as I know I can write the three pages, but to lay down the foundations is worth it. To be honest, starting with one full page a day may have worked as well. I would always write more than one out of habit. 

At the moment, the story I’ve written so far is very disjointed, in spite of the fact that I followed a premise, and stuck to it. Everything so far is composed of raw scenes. Many of the scenes were written to get them out of my head, and onto pear, so the fractured element was to be expected. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t concerned about how this  story will shape up, but that’s also expected. It’s a good type of worry, because I have’t stopped writing. I liken it to the start of a drawing or painting. All I could do is keep working until it shaped up.

Already started on today’s writing. The first pieces I wrote I didn’t like, and will give it a few more passes.  After a much needed coffee break, I wrote out lines of dialog for a scene, and I do like what I started. I will have to see how this shapes up, and report it tomorrow. What I do hope for, in the upcoming week, is for me to have a tighter focus on the novel. For scenes to be sharper, and clearer. For more pages to flow in an ambitious way with more details. I want to see more completed scenes, and chapter growth. I also what characters to develop stronger, individual voices. In my free time, I want to look at movies and scenes that could inspire my creation. It should prove to be fun and challenging.

Happy creative endeavors.


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