Day Five

Didn’t sleep well the night before, and I wish I had that time to relax and gather my thoughts. I am not a morning person. I’m afraid that my constant errands got in the way of me doing more writing. Since I did the three pages already, I was at least covered for the day. It feels like a disappointment, however, I believe that stumbles happen. Not that meeting the minimum is a stumble. It’s that I wanted more for the course of yesterday.

The errands weren’t too bad, most of it felt like a success. For example, getting a haircut made me feel good, sharp, attractive. I need that. My hair was getting a bit rough, and by rough, I mean completely unmanageable. There was a meeting to attend while I tried to get myself together. I felt like I was going into multiple directions. What was the worst tasks fro yesterday was trying to find my misplaced infer for some passwords. I felt like a fool, and also organized my room a little, in order to get things together. 

Late last night I had several non-novel ideas decide that this was the perfect time to pop in my head. Then, I was compelled to at least put them on paper. I’ll have to leave them where they are. It seems that once I put all effort into the novel, the floodgates for new and solutions for older stories show up in my head. OMG, it’s got me a hot damn mess. I’ll happily commit fresh ideas to paper or file, but I need to get three pages in today.

I did have an idea of an action scene for this story, and I am curious as to how it plays out. The only way to find out is to write it out, and see if it makes sense.


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