Day Four: The Effort Counts

In spite of having an errand-filled day, and having more errands to do today, those three pages got written for my current novel. I was positive nothing but a few paragraphs would be written, and have maybe a page and a half worth of writing completed by bedtime. I surprised myself. Got myself to a calm and quiet zone, and wrote out material.

What made the night even sweeter is After I wrote my three pages of material, I wanted to write out a few paragraphs I could use as the start of scenes to jump start today. To my surprise there were three additional pages of material completed. I was more than happy with the results. It pushes me ahead a little. I still have one more scene in my head that needs to be written out, and when the errands get done, I can at least put one paragraph down, and see what jumps off from there.

The goal is to keep writing and working to make sure the story has a foundation. I have to admit a lot of it is disjointed, and missing integral parts no doubt, I’m going to add those missing scenes to round out the story. There are at least two characters I haven’t introduced yet, that need to be introduced that I think need to be seen soon. I thought of a couple of odd ones in my dreams last night that I still remember. Not sure if they belong yet.

I’m very happy this bit of writing breakthrough came to me, and it gave me the hope that when I’m worried or preoccupied to at least put the effort towards working on material.

Happy creative endeavors.


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