Day Three

There’s no writing as of your, but in my procrastinating defense, I’ve been busy, and I still have the rest of the day to get my three pages together.  Yesterday was far easier, as one scene took up a lot of my time, and while sleeping, I kept thinking I could make it better overall. I dunno if that’s true, but it’s on my brain. Dunno if that’s anxiety, or me not being able to let go and work towards the next step of the story.  Perhaps going forward I can try the techniques that are lodged in my brain.

I got a few things done by sitting in the patio and writing for a few mins.  That’s how I got the bulk of my paragraphs. I was able to remove all the outside stimuli. The same can be done with headphones, but it was nice outside. It was raining. I was sheltered from the rain. However, the annoying gnats found me tasty, and bit until it was time to get the heck outta dodge and let them know, I’m off the freaking menu. I so need to invest in some insect repellent soon.

Well I put more effort into blogging than I did in writing, and that needs to change.

Happy creative endeavors.


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