A List

Today I cleaned some of the junk out of my car, and discovered a folded piece of paper. Opened it up and found a list. I can’t remember when I wrote it, or why I wrote it down, BUT it obviously meant something to me at the time. Now that the note’s been rediscovered, I decide to share the info, as it seems to be ten things to do to improve one’s writing life. I’ll let those who read it decide if it’s of any deeper value or not to them.

For all I know, these are simple reminders for me to do when writing. That makes this my personal “to do” list, but since I didn’t make a note or label the list, I simply have it. This reminds me that sometimes writing can have an impact, or have different meanings to a variety of people. Context can man a lot to material, and with or without a reference, it still have weight and meaning.

  1. Start a simple routine.
  2. Take writing one word at a time.
  3. Writing is rewriting.
  4. Research helps broaden perspectives.
  5. Breath, be healthy, relax, enjoy experiences.
  6. Be grateful for the things you have, and strive for better.
  7. Fear is not the enemy.
  8. Respect and honor yourself  as well as your goals.
  9. Speak with wisdom and authority.
  10. Comprehensive writing is a must.

As always, happy creative endeavors, and have a good week.


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