Screenwriting Bliss

Had to put gas in the ride, on a super tight budget-which ate the budget. I’m depleted, so I’m a pray for restoration, and more positive energy and thoughts. Got the coffee-which is strong as all get out-drink, and dove into writing, which is good way to start the day.

Listening to Utada Hikaru’s Ultra Blue. The songs have magic for me. I never looked for lyrical translations for her songs. Something about not knowing the lyrics and feeling the mood and energy of the music inspires me to be creative. One day I’ll list the non-English songs I love to listen to.

Project-wise, I have some characters I want to develop, and write out what I think will happen in the story. It’s a new day, and I can only take things one step at a time. One word at a time. I’d love to see effort placed in writing projects today. It’s something not worth discussing too much before it’s created, but rather after I get it done. I will say writing blog posts do help me sort out some thoughts for the better, which makes blogging so worth the time and effort placed into writing posts.

For example, I wrote some concepts that I didn’t think would be good as screenplays because they were very absurdist in concept, and very outside the box, BUT how will I know if they are any good unless I write them out like screenplays. I have a feeling I’ve got some niche b-movies in my hand, to entertain and enjoy. This means instead of trying prose concepts, I’m gonna go for some serious screenplay writing.

At the very least, Thank God, the meh feeling from yesterday went away. Write, write, write.

Happy creative endeavors.


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