Get It Together

My brain isn’t working with me. It seems that that energy abandoned me the moment I needed to get myself together. Well, that scan’t last at all. I need to get get myself into gear. This means writing more, and blogging to warm my mind up. I didn’t think I was gonna have this much of a struggle. perhaps, in this hour, if I make the fast simpler. I’m going to make a main character for a few of my concepts. Pick him or her out. Make sure they have a name, at least.

And I’m off to procrastinate.  Or at the very least wash the hair on my head that I told myself to do a while back, that now seems so damn important. I did it just the same.

By the way, last night I watched The Grudge, the American adaptation of Ju-On. I liked it. Creepy film, and perhaps I should not have watched The Grudge so close to seeing Ju-On. The similarities caught my eye. Still The Grudge had enough energy on it’s own to be different. If you like some psychological horror, I’d put some time on seeing either.  Ju-On is still stronger to me.

Oh, now off to not procrastinating, before someone finds a way to distract me.

Happy creative endeavors.


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