Today’s Journey

After getting pieces of an application done, and dealing with distractions, I am reminded today needs a blog post. Today’s writing assignment will be to look at several of my current projects, identify the main character. I will give the MC a grand passion, and a flaw that comes from that passion. This will all lead to what is the foundation of the first act of a few screenplays.

Yesterday I did minimal writing. I guess I needed that. Hopefully today will yield several results. Also it’d be cool if I found my headphones. I can beam some music in my ears as I type. It will help with the distractions. So far, I’ve done nothing.

I got tired, fell asleep. Worked on dinner and now I’m in a moment to relax and try to write more. What’s wrong with me? I feel like I hit a slump. It’s all in my head, it think. Gotta get it outta there.

Live long and prosper.


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