The Main Characters

Today is about looking at a technical aspect of writing screenplays. I recalled at a few films and decided to see if I could identify a few things within the film.  I wanted to know three important things: Who is the main character, what does he or she desire, and what flaw do they have, if any.  I don’t know if I identified the aspects correctly, but it’s a starting point. I typed the results below.

Star Wars
Main Character: Luke Skywalker
Desire: To leave Tattoine and have adventures
Flaw: Naive, inexperienced, and doesn’t see how dangerous his planet, and other places are.

Forgetting Sarah Marshall
Main Character: Peter
Desire: To make music and be in a relationship with Sarah Marshall
Flaw: Totally co-dependant on Sarah to a point he can’t make music when she dumps him.

Main Character: Thor
Desire: Prideful warrior and heir to the throne of Asgard.
Flaw: Pride allows him to be manipulated, violate rules, and disrespect his father.

The Matrix
Main Character: Neo
Desire: Passion for defying authority
Flaw: Defiance opens Neo to a world that destroys his world view.

Main Character: Ripley
Desire: To get life in order after surviving contact with Xenomorph, and being in Cryo-stasis for years.
Flaw: Can’t get rid of nightmares of dealing with the Xenomorph.

Now I’ll have to see if I can apply there to my own characters. It should prove interesting. It was at least fun to look at other movies and discuss aspects of characters, and what they go through.


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