Spent a piece of the day washing the side of the house, and that lead to having some clean siding on the home. I’m happy for that. It’s like a glow the home can enjoy. Sounds silly, but part of a home’s charm is it’s appearance. Going to work on the concepts I developed over the past week, so it’s time for that. Last night I ended up writing more new material, that I added to my writing files. I have yet to back up my files, and I need to do that soon.

I also wrote out a couple of themes/statements for a couple of stories stories I wrote. The goal was to have a concise wording as to how I describe my story to others. Note that I don’t mean telling the plot, but giving a theme like, “this story addresses the motivations, weaknesses, and enablement of an office bully. ” I’m not sure that statement is perfect, BUT it’s a start.

Didn’t really watch any movies last night, but I’m looking forward to Hannibal tonight.

Happy creative endeavors.


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