Being Write, or Happy

A friend once said, there was an option in life to “be right or happy.” It meant any of us can be right all the time, or happy. To me that simply means, not everything has to fall my way in order to live. It has a greater meaning that many times things won’t go my way, and rather than being stuck in/on those things, they can be released, and forgotten. It opens the door to happiness and blessings that I couldn’t see while caught up in the crap that was going on.

The saying was truly a good thought, and took a while to process. It’s not easy to let go of things, but once I saw that trying to be right means holding onto bad energy, I was more than willing to let go of it. Seriously, dealing some garbage is the best thing anyone can do. Think of it like a bath or shower. Gotta get rid of the dirt, let it down the drain.

Now, my title to be write and happy is a little different. I love writing, and it makes me happy. I like to think that my creative spin on the topic means rather than being “right,” I can write. It keeps me strong, sane, and feeling good. I gots me a writing buzz. I hope others get a good buzz from their creative endeavors and positivity. I pray that people can take the time to enjoy their lives, and feel good about the day. Sometimes it’s about spreading positivity. If this post can help others, I’m very, very happy. The other time I’m happy is when I can make people laugh.

Happy creative endeavors, peeps.


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