Today Mom had an appointment, came hone and rested. I answered her phone and took messages. I don’t give out deeper information than this. Likewise if she’s sick, I tell people, she’s got the flu, and resting. Other than that, you will get the deeper details from Mom when she’s able. I had a cousin call, and took it as I withheld pertinency info from her. This implies my Mom was ill/or not doing well. In truth, she went to bed late, got up early. I knew she was tired.

I got a call, later on from another cousin. By that time, Mom was awake, and taking calls. Even later cousin 1 called, with a different number and disguised her voice. I suppose she thinks I’m going to do something different, but I gave Mom the phone. It didn’t take long before I knew this cousin was a hot mess, and indeed thought infer on my Mom’s health was being withheld from her. The only way to take this is to laugh about it.

Trust me when I say if theres a drastic illness, I’d let people know. A doctor’s visit, and the paranoia comes on out? Really?


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