Idea Man

Last night was about trying to put ideas down in a file, and notebooks, and it seemed like several of the ideas gelled, and I typed up what I could before bed. After bed there was scribbled notes, and that made my night. Woke up today, and typed out what I put in my notepad. Also wrote some more ideas down, and between this, interacting with family, and social media.

Let me say, because I was so focused, it seemed like everyone needed my attention, and felt very comfortable in stopping me from writing. An unfocused me, is a cranky me, and it seemed, for a brief moment, the more I resolved to focus on my writing, the interruptions multiplied. I’m glad this slowed down. I need to write more, because as I was freshening up, more ideas popped into my head. Still a blog post has to happen.

Happy creative endeavors.


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