Sunday Motivation

Part of this day’s been about relaxing and trying to think positive. I then went into writing more poetry. This time about being an inspiration and continuing on a positive vibe. So I have a draft of a new poem. I though about a poem that I wrote earlier. It had a strong rhyme scheme, and the thought occurred to me to change the rhyme to a different word to see different results.

Right now I don’t feel like writing, but I did think about an issue with a previous story. As I followed the beginning, and middle of this story in my head, and remembered several stages of writing from the books I’ve read, I realized that this particular story only has an act one. There’s no real beginning or middle here. I told myself there was because I wrote out so many pages.

I spent time writing where the protagonist reaches to a point of no return. This typically signals the start of act two, thus there’s no middle. What does this mean? I have to revise once more. This story is at page 5 1/2, before we cross the threshold. The goal was to make a shorter story than the usual, to see how far technically I progressed.

In the past, I fine tuned this story a few times, but it looks like I’m going to do it again. At this point, I’d like to see this story completed with a full draft. Act one needs to be redone, and act two needs to be done. Only then can act three come into play. I’m gonna go work on that, and see what I produce.

Happy creative endeavors.


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