Rejection Letters

Yesterday brought me two rejection letters, which means I need to get back into writing. Now that I do have the notices, I need to send the stories off to other publishers. Quite frankly I can’t take this personal, and is certainly don’t want to be upset.  The stories didn’t fit with the publisher. It’s alright.

Doing some writing, and I find myself wanting to blog before I forget about doing it. Also need a couple glasses of water, to set the rest of my day off with hydration. Wrote out some ideas for a scene in a screenplay earlier, I have a few ideas to put onto a short story that. Needs a third act and ending.

I have a new poem that keeps growing. I wrote it as a nonsense poem, something silly, fun, and kinda away from my typical sensual and intimate poems. I felt a need to break away from what I typically do with writing, and try not to put too much deep .thoughts behind the poem. So now I have something that is both playful and ridiculous, and fun to keep working on.

I have a feeling the nonsense poem has the correct philosophy, and could go places.  There’s something about not overthinking material and letting it flow that does resonate with me and people who’ve read my material before. I can’t explain it any further than than, and perhaps I don’t need to. We all vary styles in our crafts.

Happy creative endeavors.


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