Get This Ball Rolling

Its another sky gloomy day, and it’s gonna have to take it’s course with the dreary skies, cold, and threats of rain everywhere. Quite frankly I’m not feeling this mood. I much prefer to make my own mood, thank you, very much.  My mind wants to do other things. You know, like be creative, work with what I have to get to a better place. This is not always easy, or can be seen. It is the most frustrating, nerve-wrecking experience, and I can do more than endure. I will be stronger, wiser, and happier. So, a gloomy day’s mood ain’t where it’s at.

Wrote a lot once it got dark. Don’t ask me why, but nighttime works well for my creative endeavors. Had an idea for a scene and decided to put that into a script that was slightly formatted in word.  Will eventually add to this to make a script, but all in due time. Had a string of bad luck with writing earlier that left me frustrated. Accidentally deleted some material I wrote out a few days before. It left me rather passed off, and I did do a rewrite, but I remind myself to do saves and back ups more often.

Short stories came to a halt again, but I feel I need to get back in the saddle and try again. If it’s one word at a time, so be it. Words must be down on page and allow me room to grow a story and stop worrying about the content so much. I need stories to work, and one story that I stalled on, I’ll talk about in a later post. It should be fun to discuss. May draft that post now, and keep myself writing. It’s time to keep up the good work.

As always, happy creative endeavors.



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