Last Night Inspiration

NOTE: Wrote this last night, and held onto it before I posted. Can’t save it any longer, or it’ll need mad revisions.

It’s cold outside. It’s still wet, and maybe light raining with even colder water. I don’t know. I stopped looking outside a good while ago. Therese something certain with the dark sky, and absence sunlight (unless you count the moo glow). Not that know if the moon’s out tonight.

The night seems to bring me a lot of inspiration, so I’m writing this post in part at night while the inspiration lasts. It seems once the gloomy weather was out of sight, I felt better. I do believe I am a night person, more so than day person. All that can be said that fits is the night holds some good vibes for me.

Been thinking of humor and satire of late. I want to have fun writing to share with others. If I can make others laugh, then it makes me feel good. So the question for me to start tonight, and advance tomorrow, is to look at my current stable material and see if they could possibly be about humor or satire. I have no clue at the moment, but knowing me, thinking about it overnight might help.

Wrote out a plot for an idea I thought might make for a good screenplay. It needs a lot of work, but I was in the moment, and I desired to keep writing. It doesn’t have an ending, but maybe I need a few days to get that down. I do know I wrote, and wrote, and wrote to get material working.


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