The Flipside: With Friends Like This

With the last few posts I discussed how communication could resolve issues between friends as opposed to taking to social media as an avenue. This post is dedicated to how communication off social media backfired, and made matters worse. Again there’s no such thing as perfection, or perfect people. The attempt to resolve went awry. It happens, and this is the story.

A good while ago, a friend, whom I know in years, had a meltdown of sorts. This friend and I went to college together, and shared a lot of laughs and pains through the years. Our lives took us in different directions, and that was a good thing, as we kept in touch. As social media came into stronger aspects of our lives, we kept in touch.

At the time of the meltdown, my aunt passed, and my by my friend asked  me to unfriend a mutual friend on Facebook. This unfriending would have lead to a hot mess, as the hated friend was part of other social networks, like LinkedIn. This unfriending had little to do with anything major. The two had a falling out, and suddenly the only way to get back at the hated friend, was to get others to hate on him too. This was drama. I refused, and found myself having a text message debate with my friend who insisted that this friend had to go, and trying to guilt trip me into not being this friend.

We stopped speaking after the text debate. I suspected that was a desired result on my friend’s part. As time passed the object of unfriending suddenly wasn’t on Facebook, and I let that pass, as there was pressing matters to attend to. One day, as I visited and updated my very neglected Google Plus page, I spotted a most curious site. Both my former friend, and the object of the unfriending having a friendship on GP. It was amusing, and sad. I knew that neither of these people were trustworthy, and much to their own delight. I know I was better off without either of them in my life.


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