For Friendship, Perhaps (Part Three)

Perhaps my perception was wrong.  They needed to vent publicly to release their anxiety. Perhaps liking posts and retweeting them makes the world a better place if you can’t say what you need to say to a person.  Perhaps we are not as clever as we think, and the weight of our behaviors come right on out. For many, I’m guessing politeness is a facade. They real person needs and craves the underside, darkness, rage, insecurity, hostility, pettiness, and hate they can lay out on the World Wide Web under the guise of professionalism, integrity, intelligence, and friendship.

Perhaps it’s chic to do wrong while saying your good. In the south that’s what we’d liken to people who claim to be Christian, and sin hard every day except for a few hours on Sunday. Once church is over, it’s back to the sin. The bible will be quoted to you. Made into a theater of righteousness, with a hint that if you’re doing wrong, God will find you. All the while the sinner knows it’s really about them, not The Lord, faith, or blessings. They’re there to block the blessings. That’s what negative people do to us. Block our blessings, or at least they think they do.

What I do know is I can stand to remind myself to improve my own behaviors. Not for guise, but the idea of communication for me isn’t to be shitty to other human beings. I’ve seen enough of that in my life. I’d like to move away from unhealthy behaviors and people. I know it’s not easy to make adjustments in ones own life, but it’ll be worth it to strive to be more positive. So in huge part, I wrote this essay to remind myself to be a better man. In spite of the negative experiences, I have found my positive.

Now excuse me while I put these experiences into stories.

Happy creative endeavors to all. Stay positive.


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