For Friendship, Perhaps (Part One)

A good while ago, some friends did some things I found completely underwhelming involving social media. It was a set of passive-aggressive moves that made me rethink how I perceived them, and how much of friends we truly were. As I document the experience in this essay, I’m reminded that none of us are perfect, and we all do bad things. I’m also trying to figure out how to turn negatives into positives, and move towards better endeavors.

Since I’ve known several people for a length of time, it occurred to me that if we had issues or problems, then we should have been able to talk it out any difference. Even if talking is not face to face, I’d done private messages with people, phone calls, and emails. I’ve even used text messages (and one time that went all to hell). Disputes, can be solved, or resolved provided both parties want to work things out. I find that’s not alway the case.

There have been a few instances where I didn’t realize I was being caustic in comments, and I didn’t know the person was hurt by said comments. I would have loved for them to have sent me a message and let us clear the air. What happened instead was one day I went on my Twitter feed (I read much more posts than I did posting back then) and find that same friend discussing the convo we had with others and in effect garnering sympathy.

My first thought was to jump into the fray, and call a few people out whom I knew. They had my PM, and my email address, so I was disappointed none used it, but chose a public arena for the pain. Those who know me could have called me out on what they perceived as wrong on my part directly. I got the impression that wasn’t the goal at all. Perhaps your comments weren’t caustic at all. Otherwise it would have been shot down so damn hard it would be burnt to cinders.


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