Been slacking up on the blog, and that’s not acceptable. At the very least, I should have five sentences as a post. Been kind of a meh mood for too long, and one thing that keeps me going is my writing. Blogging is a must, so even if I don’t post something, I have to write it out as if it’s going to be posted. Five sentences is not too much to ask for from myself. I love to start the day off with a post. It gets the writing ball rolling, so to speak.

Been using my social media more. By that I mean Twitter. I’m a mess cause that’s equally sporadic. I need to keep working on things. Writing has been sporadic. I write some, pause, write some more, pause longer. Yesterday I was working on an assignment, so research had to happen, and need to do more. I also worked on a short story that needed mad revisions, and did add a few lines. I’m gonna have to clean this one up real freaking soon.

So I need to put myself together and get my writing on. That means cleaning up a short story (cut out the clutter). Possibly starting a couple more short stories. I’d like to get that going. Have to make some calls and work more on new material. I do want to see some new productions. Looking at dark comedy again as I am intrigued by it, creatively. Also looking at a 1960s romantic comedy, That Touch of Mink.

Happy creative endeavors.

Live long and prosper.


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