I Needs Mah Skit-tales tan Taste the Rainbow

Been neglecting my blog for a few days, as the blues decided to camp out in my soul. Eviction is one of those slow process things, and sometimes the bad gotta run it’s course. Sorta like a completely unwanted houseguest. I’m glad it’s gotten the message of, let me have someone good.

Did some job hunting, and didn’t see anything good. I need to write something or face falling on my face again. I hate not writing. It makes me feel unproductive. Every little piece helps. I dunno if I’m sick or sad. I gotta pray on my well being. God will come through, and give me some balance in my life, clarity in my thoughts, and provide a way for me. It is strife, but I will make it through.

The skit in the title is me thinking of small skits I can develop. I need to do something simple and less demanding. Something small, I can manage. I have faith I’ll get things down. I wanna see the rainbow after this storm. Gotta keep moving forward if I want that experience.

As always, happy creative endeavors, and God bless.

Live long and prosper.


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